Renato Moraes

Artistic Research



My art work is made with different artistic languages, such as Sculptures, Prints, Artists Books, and Objects.




My sculptures are created with a few materials, being galvanized, corten and carbon steel.


Regarding my research which discuss the various nuances of the feminine body, such as softness, lightness, delicacy, among others, in 2018, I created a new series, called Femmes et Corps (Women and Bodies), made with gavanized steel, with automotive paint.


As a consequence, and with a specific sculpture, called Souplesse (i.e., flexibility), I understood that this very sculpture took its own path, and due to that, a new series had to be created. Femmes et Corps clearly has an intimate relation to the Souplesse series, and even got a prize at the 2018 Salon d’Automne, in Paris.


The Sculptures of Femmes et Corps and Souplesse series, are all made with galvanaized steel, since the lightness and thin width of the plates coincides with the respective message I tend to express.


To better understand this line of work, it is possible to read the annexed text, called Souplesse and Reveries.


Another path of my sculptures is represented by works made with corten and carbon steel, in which I also tend to bring into discussion the body – and in this specific case – the desire of the human being to eternize it.


It regards the “Use of your body”(in refference to Agamben’s book), and in this case, regards to the need to perpetuate oneself, may that be with clothes, tattoos, makeups or other mechanisms used as perpetuators or masks of any kind.


In respect to those mechanisms that cover or mask the true essence of the human body, I try to express the contrast between the longevity of the materials I use – such as corten steel, as an example – as opposed to  the brief longevity of the human body.


However, it is the body that interest me at the most. The naked body in all its senses. Free from all masks. The body and its persona.


My other sculptures have different thems series, such as the Chanukias, as well as Wings, and Frogs. All made with corten and galvanized steel.




Prints are another form of expression I chose in my artistic production. Recently, they took a non figurative path, as opposed to my early prints and drawings.


In regards to the production of my Prints, as in all of my other works, I also use materials with a characteristic of longevity, as it is the case of corten and carbon steel, as well as copper plates as support.


To create the images, I use carborundum, which is the same material used to make sandpaper, a sort of gravel, maintaining the idea of the contrast representation between the long life of a harsh and rough material as opposed to the beauty, soft, tender, and briefness of the human body.




Transcendece and Perception is the title of a new series of Objects, wich, due to the fact of beign objects themselves, all of them have no relation what-so-ever to any pre established forms or figures, usually present in anyone’s mental library.


Consequently, my goal with this line of work is to help the observer not to make any sort of connection. Complete Abstraction.


In orther to better understand this line of work, I also annexed a text – such as the one I created for the Souplesse series – called Reverie on; Transcend and Realize.


Artist Book:


This Artist Book translates my line of art work, since folds and cuts are literally tied to corten steel, reflecting my research with rigid and long lasting materials, contrasting  with the subtlety of our skin, and briefness of our bodies. The eternal fight of the human being for the illusory attempt to perpetuate oneself.


Links among the Lines of Work:


The main relation among the lines I chose to create my art work resides on the material I use. Either with my Objects or my Sculptures, they all are made with corten, carbon or galvanized steel, in addition to the carborundum use in my Prints.


In reation to the Sculptures made with galvanized steel, they receive automotive paint, whereas on the ones made with corten steeel that is not necessary, since these  ones already create a natural rust cover.


The reason for the use of automotive paint is to reach the maximum beauty in each piece, mainly because of my goal, which is to express the feminine body in its extreme beauty.


The ones I make with corten steel, already creates a natural rust cover. It is if the art work left naked, end up creating its own cover, regardless of its transparency.


Therefore my research is focused on the human body. Specifically the women body, toghether with its softness, subtle, sweet, and beauty, in addition to the consequent need to maintain all those characteristics.


However, the human body is fallible, ephemeral, and delicate. Specially to time. But the desire – that might be, in it turn, blind – and due to that, appears not to be influenced by time, forces the human being to search for mechanisms to hide the consequences the passing of time uppn them.


Regardless of the cover, blanket, mask or any other sort of maneuver people use, nothing hampers the wear of the body, which implicates in a new sugject matter; the acceptance – or not – of who we are, and how we present ourselves to us, and to the others.


What interests me is the naked body. Literally.


My prints are, in its majority, made with carbrundum, maintaning the idea of the contrast between the long lasting material, as opposed to the briefness of the human body.