Renato Moraes

Reverie on Transcend & Realize


Usually, our brain start searching associations – sinapses – between what the person is looking at, and their own personal universe. After a short while looking and not finding any association, the observer either disperse, give up trying images to compare with, and move on to the next art work. Or, the opposite. Stand in front of it and try to understand what is exactly facing him or her.

In this case, from then on, occurs, in my opinion, the Transcendence, which is the ability to overcome barriers. Being able to succeed and obstacle is, without question, a great mark in anyone’s life, regardless of the obstacle being surpassed. The most important is not to give up !

In the case of my art work, Transcendence occurs after the person stopped in front of my work, and that moment in which no associations came up, and the observer started to pay attention to the colors and shapes of the work, what, in fact, makes me very happy. From this point on, I call it Perception.

In this moment of Perception, the observer who stood a little more time facing my work, will have more time to appreciate the structure of each object, such as shadows that travels along the piece with its own paths, and creating new reveries.

Regarding to its colors, either the white color and the amount of white itself, as well as the other color, which was carefully chosen, will bring new information to the observer. And the assembly of all these information is what can be close to your dreams, desires, and personal goals.

Therefore, it is only in this specific situation that those sinapses can occur, but the association with the art work does not happen physically with any information of your mental image library, but with your experiences in life, dreams and intimate desires.

The next step for the observer’s Perception happens through this set of information, according to the shape each Object has, how it is displaced in the wall – being horizontally, vertically, in diagonal – , as well as its colors, shades, curves, and its movements, taking the observer, consciously or not to his or hers own paths, conducting his or her thoughts.

In return, the observer will be fed by his or hers desires, fantasies or sensations that can either remain a certain time or just a few seconds.

The next art work, then, will be a new tour through different colors and paths, with specific contours, as well as a new trip, traveled by the observer’s subcounscious, bringing different and new sensorial experiences.

Thank you !