Renato Moraes

Corten Steel

Sculptures in Corten Steel


Rusted Menorah, Hanukkah Serie, 2015
Corten Stel and Granite Stone
46 x 26 x 12 centimeters
440 grams













Rusted Wings, Wings Series, 2015
Corten Steel
40 x 100 x 50 centimeters

Serie Frogs

Serie Frogs

Rusted Mamma Frog, 2015

Corten Steel
880 x 850 x 170 centimeters

Sculptures made in corten steel, which is a special alloy, has as characteristic sculpture  the corrosion of the exterior part, in order to preserve the hole structure. The will have or will be oxidized, as if it were lightly rusted. However, this alloy has a very long life, being more than 60 years.